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Shower Screen

Why does the silicone or rubber water strip go mouldy?

This is due to the cleaning products you are using. Harsh chemicals in the cleaning products can damage showerscreens. Try using something like vinegar or cleaners with natural products in them like lemon. Just think what impact the harsh chemicals in cleaners are doing to your health, let alone what they do to your showerscreens.

What causes the pink/orange residue?

The chemicals in the water cause this. It has nothing to do with the showerscreen.

Why does the showerscreen door drop?

This is caused by movement in the house. If this happens it only needs an adjustment and can be done by one of our qualified staff.

What causes the anodising to come off the metal frame/knob?

Again this is due to the cleaning products you are using.

How do I stop the shower door from squeaking?

Try some WD40/RP7.


Why are my mirrors turning black?

This is due to poor ventilation and/or high caustic soda in the soap you use. Try using liquid soap instead of cake soap to clean mirrors.


How do I clean the splashback?

Tempered glass is softer than normal glass and therefore you must not use any abrasive cloths as they will scratch the glass. Only use soft cloths or paper towel.

What causes the burn marks on the splashback?

Using the back burners up too high will cause the paint on the glass to burn.


The doors of my sliding wardrobe won't close or aren't even?

This is due to the floor not being level.

The doors of my sliding wardrobe are bumping/ not sliding smoothly. Why?

There is dirt in the track or on the wheels.

The hinged wardrobe doors won’t close. Why?

Your house has moved.

The shelves in my custom wardrobe are bowing. Why?

This is caused by too much weight on the shelves. The combined weight of hanging and stacked items should not exceed 20kg per lineal metre.

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