Premium Showers and Robes



Whether you're updating, renovating or building a new home or multi-residential building, Premium Showers and Robes can help you achieve the look of your dreams. After you've completed your selection and designed your new space, our team will manufacture your pieces with the finest grade materials and advanced technologies. The final step will be our professional installation service.

Fast and Reliable

With the partial assembly of many materials taking place during the manufacturing stage, Premium Showers and Robes ensures that our wardrobe , shower screen, splashback or mirror installation process will cause minimal disruption to our customers. We aim to complete the process as quickly as possible so you can begin to enjoy your new space.

Premium Showers and Robes Warranty

Premium Showers and Robes endeavour to supply the highest quality products and services to all of our customers. Premium Showers and Robes product warranty is testament to this commitment, as we cover all parts and installation with a quality guarantee.*



Warranty Period:

Shower screens:

· Sliding Style

· Framed Pivot Style

· Semi-Frameless Pivot Style

· Corner-Frameless Pivot Style

· 10mm Frameless Style

· 12 months from installation

Robe Doors:

· Sliding or Hinged Doors

· 12 months from installation on manufacturing faults only


· With or without doors

· Lifetime on manufacturing faults only

Glazing Products:

· Mirrors - Framed/Frameless

· Splashback

· 12 months from installation

Service Reports:

· 3 months


*The warranty offered by Premium Showers and Robes extends to all parts and installation. It does not cover glass breakages or normal wear and tear.

Reporting Warranty Claims

** Please take photos of issue (within the warranty period) with original paperwork (Job ticket) and a written description of problem, upload all the details to our customer service department via our Customer Feedback Form link below and we will respond promptly.



Splashback Installation, Care and Maintenance

Premium Showers and Robes only use premium quality materials in the manufacturing process of your splashback and within accordance of Australian Standards.

Please take note of the following:

  • Splashbacks may be subject to colour variations conditional in different light conditions, this is due to the iron content in the glass.
  • Light coloured splashbacks can have colour variation based on colour of walls under the applied splashback - I.e grey or blue plasterboard can vary the colour of splashback.
  • Breakage cannot be a process of warranty, as it can be due to impact or spontaneous breakage.
    Spontaneous breakage is a very rare occurrence which is caused by the formation of nickel sulphide (minute impurities in the glass) which occurs in the manufacturing process of all toughened glass.
    No toughened glass can be guaranteed against spontaneous breakage.
  • Recommend the product not be installed next to a high flame cooking area as this may cause paint to discolour.
  • Gas burners less than 200mm from centre of burner to the glass and utensils “resting” against splashback will void warranty.
  • Utensils (saucepans/woks) need 25mm clearance from glass for ventilation.
    Non adherence will void warranty.
  • Prolonged cooking at extreme temperatures can still cause paint burning discoloration.
  • Silicone is applied to all edges for sealing, expansion and contraction.
    The use of strong chemical cleaning agents may cause discolouring of these seals.

Maintenance and Care

  • All glass surfaces should be kept clean by prompt removal of all dirt or grime. We recommend using an All Surface Cleaner and a non-abrasive soft cloth or paper towel for cleaning your coloured Glass.